Wheel to Wheel Excitement

The APEX Member Race Series

Getting behind the wheel of an incredible purpose-built race car to run wheel to wheel with fellow automotive enthusiasts is a rush unlike any other.  The humming of engines and squealing of tires as cars speed around the race track reverberates throughout the facility and all eyes are on the drivers.  It’s not just about the cars though, it’s about the drivers and their families, our valued members.

The APEX Race Series is a member only series where all of our drivers from various backgrounds are able to feel that full throttle experience of racing wheel to wheel, in a gentleman’s race.  For many members, the APEX Race Series is a milestone that they’ve worked hard to compete in, whether in a GT Class race car, Spec Radical Class race car or in their favorite street car in the Time Attack Class.  Members turn laps daily at APEX and once they’ve reached a level of comfortability and skill, it’s off to the races!  Sure, everyone wants to be on the top of the podium, because who doesn’t want to feel the exhilaration of racing fellow automotive enthusiasts and taking home the title and trophy for first place.  But for most of our members, the thrill comes from being on the track, putting the accelerator down and feeling that instantaneous rush of adrenaline as you hold your line, crossing the finish line alongside your friend or fellow member.  Driving to win is different than spirited track lapping!

The APEX Member Race Series is about more than racing though.  It’s about family, it’s about camaraderie, it’s about sharing the same passion for motorsports with others, it’s about enjoying life to the fullest!  How exciting for your kids and spouse to be able to watch you race, on your very own race track, cheering you on from the pits?  Don’t worry, we are working on adding more activities for the whole family to get involved, because we know that competitive gene is passed down.  What could be cuter than a group of junior racers, zooming around the track during lunch for a short race?  Until then, the bounce house, music, games, slot car track, R/C vehicle races and Hot Wheels tracks will be sure to keep their attention in between race sessions. Bring out your biggest fans and cheerleaders to enjoy the day with you, because at APEX, your family members are APEX members too and we want everyone to have an incredible time, every time!

The race series will continue to evolve as our membership grows, new race cars arrive at Apex and the field grows.  Even better, you do not need to own a race car to participate in race day. We also offer Time Attack which challenges you in your preferred car against the clock.  Time Attack contestants also stand on the podium for fastest lap times as well as most consistent drivers.

We look forward to having our next big race day and hope to see even more smiling faces as the series grows within the club.  Become a member at APEX Motor Club to participate in the race series and enjoy all of the benefits that come with membership.  We can’t wait to see you on the podium!


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