Safety First

What makes APEX Motor Club the safest private race track in Arizona?

It’s a compilation of technology, instruction and high-quality materials at APEX Motor Club.  We started with the highest quality paving materials and cutting-edge techniques.  We paved our 2.27-miles of racing surface in stages, finishing with the most important top layer being paved in one solid day, by three massive rollers, side-by-side.  What does this mean for our members?  It means the race track surface is primed and ready for racing at all times, with only one seam and an exceptional finish to keep tires, vehicles and drivers safe.

Not only did we take the extra time and care with paving the track, but we went the extra mile, literally, and paved an extensive amount of runoff.  Paved run off allows our members a bit of wiggle room for error as our members continue to learn, hone their skills and evolve as drivers.  Beyond our miles of paved runoff, we have guard rail, tire barriers, water barriers and soon, a catch fence.  While we never anticipate an accident, we want to ensure we are prepared to the fullest.

Next, we installed an LED flag lighting system, braking markers and passing zone markers.  The LED flag lighting system, created by RaceAmerica, brings the latest technology in racing flag systems.  The LED panels are easily seen and monitored via laptop and tablet by our staff, to ensure all drivers are aware of track conditions at all times.

In addition to the time, energy and investment spent creating the finest racing surface in Arizona, we also have incredible staff and an emergency vehicle.  Less we forget, we are located less than ten miles from not one, not two, but FIVE fire departments with EMTs, the closest being located just 4.2-miles away.  We have staff that are certified in first aid and trained to spring into action should the situation arise.  Our emergency vehicle is equipped with “jaws of life”, water, foam suppression and more to be able to react immediately and contain the situation.  We hope we never have to use any of these tools, but we want to ensure that we are prepared for anything!

We also require all members that are new to the motorsports hobby to complete the APEX Academy.  The APEX Academy is a great introduction to the APEX track, circuit one, that focuses on the fundamentals of racing, track etiquette and safety.  We encourage all members interested in further developing their driving skills to speak with our staff about driver development beyond the Academy.  We tailor all driver development sessions and coaching to each member, helping our members to further advance themselves as a driver regardless of their current skill level.

For more information on APEX Motor Club and our APEX Academy, visit https://apexmotorclub.com/performance-driving-lessons/

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