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The concept of a top-tier motorsports country club to meet the demand for racing in a private setting in Arizona is new to the Valley. If you have a question that is not included in the below FAQ’s, please complete the CONTACT US information and a representative of APEX will contact you shortly.

APEX is a private country club for automobile enthusiasts located south of Phoenix on 280 acres in the City of Maricopa. APEX will be the only private motorsports club and race track within the metropolitan area boundaries of one of the six most populated cities in America. Of those cities, only Phoenix offers the most ideal daily racing conditions by having over 300 days of sunshine per year.

APEX will be more than simply a private track. It will be a social environment for automotive enthusiasts in a unique setting for endless automotive and motorsports experiences that are not normally available without such an exclusive venue.

Membership numbers are limited. Reserving your membership today gets you the lowest initiation fees as well giving you the ability to lock in a garage condo location. Prices will go up during Phase 2.

Our Signature 100 Members will lock-in their annual dues rate for 3-years (no increase as new amenities become available for first three years), last name of members to be included on pit wall as a Signature member, and an APEX Motor Club Apparel Package.

Racetrack: Two smooth and curvaceous race-quality asphalt road courses (2.27 miles and 2.15 miles) featuring a 0.60 mile straightaway and multiple configurations designed by award winning track designer Bob Barnard of Motorsports Service International.

Clubhouse and Multi-Purpose Event Building: A modern 11,600 square foot core clubhouse containing the APEX dining room and lounge, meeting rooms, driving school classrooms, automobile court and event lawn, locker rooms, showers and retail pro-shop and a 12,000 square foot multi-purpose building for member events and Club-related functions.

Garages: Up to 264 condominiums and for-lease temperature controlled garages for vehicle storage.

Tuning Shop & Fuel Station: Working bays for basic maintenance and repairs, pre-race technical inspections, standard fuel and racing fuel.

Karting Facility: An approximate 9.0-acre kart track and training complex for members to fine-tune their driving schools on high performance go-karts.

APEX is centrally located in the City of Maricopa on Arizona State Highway 238 between Ralston Road and Warren Road. APEX is approximately 35 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, 30 minutes from Downtown Phoenix and 35 minutes from Scottsdale. It is easily accessible by several major freeways and close to numerous golf courses, hotels, restaurants and entertainment districts.

APEX’s Development Team consists of successful local business leaders with significant experience in the development, technology, entertainment and automotive industries. In addition, each member of the APEX team is passionate about automobile racing. APEX’s strong motorsports relationships, financial and product development expertise and Phoenix’s unique demographics combine to make the development of APEX a reality with a strong platform for immediate traction and future growth.

APEX will be the only private motorsports club and race track within the metropolitan area boundaries of one of the six most populated cities in America. Located only 35 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, APEX’s convenient, easily accessible location and year-round racing season combine for what will be one of the most unique and ideal racing and club environments in the Southwest.

Track, Club & Membership

Questions about the track, driving experience, safety measures, car condos, memberships, and member experience. If you have any more questions about the track, membership, or club, feel free to CONTACT US directly by filling out the contact form.

APEX’s multi-configurable track is designed for a diverse range of cars from modern sports cars to track cars to vintage cars.

APEX will be a technology-focused race track and connected racing facility. Safety is managed using the latest in racing control systems featuring a closed circuit monitoring system which utilizes an Electronic Flag Point Light and Safety System combined with intelligent race control software managed with central touch screen interface located anywhere on the track to monitor and control traffic.

APEX will feature a total of approximately 264 for-sale and for-lease garages ranging in size from 625 square feet to 1,250 square feet. The condominiums will be delivered with painted drywall, electrical panel/outlets, HVAC and plumbing for bathrooms. Owners can purchase and combine multiple units to meet their storage needs. Owners will be offered numerous options to include lofts, upgraded finishes and custom design features. Members are not required to purchase a car condominium.

APEX is not zoned for residential uses and my not be occupied as a residence. Casual/intermittent overnight stay by owners and/or their guests are subject to local ordinances and all living/entertaining spaces such as lofts/mezzanines must comply with local code. Owners will have 24-hour access to their units. Track access will be limited to designated hours.


  1. 2.27-mile track
  2. 48 garages (condominiums) of 1,250 square feet each
  3. Temporary Multi-Purpose Building


  1. 48 garages (condominiums) of 1,250 square feet each
  2. Fuel Station
  3. Tune Shop
  4. Permanent Multi-Purpose Building


  1. 2.15-mile track
  2. 24 garages (condominiums) of 1,250 square feet each
  3. 48 garages (condominiums) of 625 square feet each
  4. 96 garages (for-lease) of 625 square feet each
  5. Clubhouse
  6. Karting Complex

APEX will offer a variety of onsite auto services available to owners to include general maintenance, race preparation, tuning and detail services.

Yes. The APEX Karting Complex is designed to teach adults and children the principles of racing through instruction and track time in high-speed go-karts on the 9-acre multi-configurable kart course.

APEX membership will be limited to ensure that the member base always have an optimal experience.

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