The APEX Member Garages

Not Your Father's Storage Facility

The ONLY Trackside Garages in The United States.

You’ll be calling these luxury car garage mezzanines your new favorite place to hangout.

Customizable Units

The APEX Motor Club Garages are designed to be multi-configurable, with 25×50 feet for a total square footage of 1,250. Members will have the ability to purchase more than one garage to join them together for a larger footprint.

The garages are delivered as a grey shell, including mechanical, plumbing, HVAC and electrical. We provide an array of options for customization to make your Garage YOURS! 

Lofts  |  Upgraded finishes – flooring, walls, counters, etc.  |  Vehicle Lifts and Stacker Lifts  |  Bathroom  |  Custom Design Features

Phase 1

48 trackside garage condominiums
1,250 square feet each
Starting at $295,000

Need more space?  All of the condominiums will be individually deeded with a fee simple purchase.  Purchase and combine multiple units to meet your storage needs.

Phase 2

2 condominium sizes:

625 square feet
1,250 square feet
1,875+ square feet (when combined)

APEX will also offer standard for-lease units of 625 square feet for a minimum 24-month term.