When the Lexus brand was launched by Toyota back in 1989 its mission was to design and manufacture luxury cars that could compete with the best of the European automakers. Companies like BMW and Mercedes were squarely in Lexus’ cross hairs. Fast forward some 30 years and times have changed. While Lexus still produces incredible luxury cars it has also become synonymous with serious performance machines that are just at home tearing up a backroad as they are doing hot laps around a race track. That’s in large part thanks to the models like the LF-A supercar and F Sport line of vehicles. Lexus’ evolution into a maker of fast performance cars makes it all the more appropriate that the brand was recently named the Official Vehicle of APEX Motor Club

Radical continues to expand its North American network with this week’s appointment of APEX Motor Club, Arizona’s premier motorsports club as its latest dealer and track opportunity. Just six months after opening, APEX has placed an initial three-car order of Radical’s best-selling SR3 track and race car in order to support its intensive program of over 275 track days per year. The 2.27-mile circuit is already in operation with an additional 2.25-mile Phase 2 planned for construction in 2020.

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